Why Pakistan is not the Land of Pure?

The Pakistan which emerged as an Islamic State on the world’s map in 1947 might be called The Land of Pure, but I can assure you that today’s Pakistan is not even close to it.
Ever since I got a dose of reality about the land of pure, I became ashamed of calling myself a Pakistani.
It is a series of unfortunate events which made me call Pakistan, The Land of not-so-pure:

1) Pakistan, a country where traits such as injustice, favoritism, nepotism, and corruption are ingrained in the people, one can’t hope for a person like Asia Bibi to get her fair share of justice. She is another hapless victim of the rampant blasphemy laws of Pakistan. Aasia Bibi’s case is rooted in a personal vendetta by a landlord who is allegedly using the issue to settle a score with the victim. Most of the times rivalry and enmity are the driving forces behind allegations of blasphemy law.
Islam claims to provide religious freedom to all the minorities but this fallacious law doesn’t seem to include the blasphemy against other religions. Isn’t it the duty of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to prevent the blasphemy of other religions.

2) Google has recently placed Pakistan on number one spot in the world in searches for pornographic terms, outranking every other country in the world. Fox News didn’t even hesitate to call our so-called Land of Pure, Pornistan and why should it? We, the 20 million online Pakistanis really deserves accolades for our great achievement. We even defeated the 500 million online community of China. One blogger wrote on this unfortunate issue,
“And this is happening with 20 million people using the Internet. Imagine what would happen when our entire population will have access to the net!!!
If the entire country has access to the net then………..all the porn sites will have “server busy; try again later” message!”

3) The sex industry in Pakistan has begun to boom. One can easily access a prostitute in any major city of Pakistan. Prostitutes ranging from Chinese to Bangladeshis and desi Pakistanis are available on-demand. Prostitutes can be hired for as low as Rs. 400 or if you are a man of higher taste you can try one of the many Chinese brothels in various cities of Pakistan. The worst thing is that even innocent children are sexually abused in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, aka The Land of Pure.
Despite being so commonplace in our Land of Pure we don’t agree to admit the unsightly fact that sex business is BOOMING in Pakistan. Isn’t that ironical?

4) Now when we have talked about Sex Industry, how can we forget about the misogynist of Pakistan. Pakistan has a history for lack of women rights. Mukhtaran Mai, who was mercilessly gang raped as a form of honour revenge in this Land of Pure, is still waiting for her justice. You would be shocked to know that Pervez Musharraf said that some women in Pakistan claim to be raped just so they could claim asylum in the West.
Mukhtaran Mai is just another example of many women facing such calamities in Pakistan.

I am afraid if I continue to write more on this topic, I would be mercilessly lynched by the proclaimers of the Land of Pure.

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15 Responses to Why Pakistan is not the Land of Pure?

  1. Mashhood says:

    Suggestion 1. Criticism is good, but make sure you research everything first COMPLETELY before you put it up(Like the cases of Mukhtara Mai and the Fox News calling Pakistan ****istan). Don’t quote a channel whose soul purpose is to discredit Islam and whose “analysts” are caught lying more times you could count by their own media. For example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7G_IIu-_v4 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xobA2MoDzDY and many many more…! Google placed Pakistan on number one for TWO WORDs only which is “horse sex”. America it self is the number one country to view porn. So check your facts…!

    Suggestion 2. Bringing something up about the wrong in your country and slapping the common man on his face (like you did) are 2 VERY different things. So make sure you draw a very fine line between the two.

    Suggestion 3. Although we are not perfect in giving women the rights given by Islam but if you research a little more you will find that in countries like America, Britain and France women have been raped during day time and no one gives a damn about them and the suspects walk free because of good lawyering. Go a little deeper than what BBC, CNN and Fox News have to tell you. I’m not saying that what happened to Mukhtara Mai was right but stop exaggerating. America it self has the highest number of rape cases per year in the world.

    Suggestion 4. If you are so ashamed of being a Pakistani then my advice to you is don’t call yourself that…!

    Lastly, don’t take my suggestions personally OK. We have problems but writing a blog like this is not going to help us. We need constructive criticism. Not a slap on the face. But please please please please please please please please please please please please please don’t write unless you know the WHOLE facts and can do some good by writing….!
    May Peace be with you…!

  2. Navid says:

    I totally agree with the author. We really have made our land impure.

  3. Nadia says:

    I want to comment on suggestion 3 of Mashhood. The advanced western nations are more prone to research culture. They keep records and also publish them. Unfortunately there is no statistical data available in Pakistan. There are no updates published here and even if some agencies publish some fibnding I doubt their level of objectivity.

  4. Aslam o Alikum,
    Good effort Shahzaib. Keep up the good work.
    But i object for saying “ashamed being a Pakistani”. We being a Nation should be ashamed for our acts. Pakistan has given us the identity “Pakistani” but what we have given to Pakistan. You have objections but not suggested the remedies. Identify the problems but also their solutions.
    Remember: When ever we get some injury or hurt we look for medicine, only cry over it would increase the pain.
    Spread optimism rather than negativity. Also read the history of china. China was the country of addicted and sick people with number of diseases. Americans used to say China a Hospital. But they were not ashamed of being Chinese. They curb what ever the ills they had. And now they are proud being the future supper power.
    Waiting for your an other blog. STAY HAPPY

  5. Jung Hee Sung says:

    Pornistan? I had not heard of the term before until now, and I can see why the term has emerged. Don’t you think this phenomenon has come to surface all because of the worship and sacred meaning the country and its people allot to a woman’s sexuality? Somehow, it is wrong to have sex with your girlfriend before marriage, but it’s okay to go to brothels and “have sex” with prostitutes. And it’s okay to gang-rape a woman (or girl) to mortify her family, in front of a watching crowd, as with the case of Mukhtar Mai. Female virginity is held more importantly than the female’s life. Isn’t that the greatest irony of it all? And that’s the irony played by the Pakistan government system. Where are the laws that protect women? The laws that protect all those trafficked girls from China and Bangladesh? We all need to stop hoo-ha-ing about female virginity, not just Pakistan alone.

    I think the problem in Pakistan is not an irreversible one. Of course, it’s a huge problem because it goes beyond porn and prostitution. It concerns stigma, lack of government assistance to help rape victims, the inability to respect women and allow them to take ownership of their bodies. A female’s body- and virginity- is not something to be controlled by an outside source. It’s hers, and no one else’s. Religious freedom? Yes that’s great, too. But more importantly, we need female freedom.

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  7. amna says:

    d situation n circumstances are as grave as u elaborated.daeh is a dire need to change dis ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN upside down

  8. Nauman says:

    Well i donno what made u think
    of the adversities faced by pak women,
    maybe ma ki mamta due to thumbs or whatever,
    (haha just kidding dear…..)….
    but this is a really good article.
    its good to know that there are still people who like to observe their
    surrounding and are eager to play a part in the
    well-being of the society.!

    Thumbs up……!!!!!

  9. Anonymous.......sorry says:


  10. Anonymous...sorry says:

    Write some more plz 4 elixir………………….. 😉

  11. I agree with you brother i truly do

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